Hitzones “Estet” from ProTanki for World of Tanks 9.18

We have recently presented a new and useful hitzone mod from Jove. Today we will have an improved and very comfortable mod hit zones from popular modder ProTanki.

The essence of mods hit zones is to inform players about all the strengths and weaknesses enemy’s spot. If you will strike on the enemy armored place you will not expecte the results, and  for a maximum damage to the enemy tank it is enough to shoot to the vulnerable spot enemy.

1448030177_shot_018 Image 1 1448030107_shot_021 1448030172_shot_014

As you understand mod from category hitzones are very useful and necessary for a successful battle. But this category mods have one big disadvantage –  hit zones skins do not look aesthetically pleasing and are highly bright on the screen. Because of this reason a lot of players forced to abandon use these mods.

In his hitzone mod  “Estet” ProTanki offers an interesting way out of this situation. Hitzones”Estet” have advantage. Mod will still display the strengths and weaknesses of the enemy, but only when you hover the tank. To know the necessary place for shot, player is enough to put on the enemy tank and will appear picture with all  weak and strong enemy’s spot.

Now you do not need to choose between the use mod and fun game.


Hitzones “Estet” from ProTanki  (180 MB)

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