Compressed skins hit zones at 50% World of Tanks

Friends! There are a large number of mods which inform the players about vulnerabilities in the enemy’s armor. But today we present a mod that has its own characteristics:

– Compressed texture 50%. If you have a weak PC, then this mod is for you.
– Informs the player about the necessary places for the shooting, with the help of colors:
Blue – the fuel tank
green – engine
lilac – combat pack
Red – the remaining weaknesses in the scheme of the tank reservation.

With these colors the player is easy to navigate and make the right shot.

1435305041_shot_009 1435305106_shot_004 1435305065_shot_006 1435305042_shot_001 1435305065_shot_007


Compressed skins hit zones at 50% (200 MB)

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