XVM from Ms Ramis for World of Tanks

Here is an interesting variant  XVM from Ms_Ramis with additional features and capabilities.

XVM – is one of the most useful and popular mods for World of Tanks. Today we present XVM mod but redesigned and improved from Ms_Ramis. Changes were the following parameters:

– Improved minimap
– Has been redesigned conclusion player statistics in battle
– Added and modern the damage log
– Add icons
– A sixth sense lamp
– “Carousel tanks”
– Added mod colored marks on the trunks
– Above the tank will be information about the level of his game

And that’s not all changes. Generally, if an ordinary XVM  little bored  and you want something new but  useful as  XVM then XVM from Ms_Ramis for World of tanks is for you.




Run the installer


XVM from Ms Ramis (54 MB)

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