ModPack from Amway921 v3 for World of Tanks

Updated to version 21.07.2017 v1:
We represent your attention new version ModPack from Amway921 for World of Tanks
And here you would know what changed:

-XVM updated to stable version;
-updated P-mode;
-Updated radial menu;
-Updated improved display shells;
Mod Packs from Amway are those modpacks with whom he own works. Modpaks from Amway are popularity because unlike others modpack do not contain unnecessary mods and a bunch of junk. The author also facilitate your task equipped all the checkboxes, pictures, signatures, everything is done in order to make it easier to select the desired mod.
It includes the most popular and comfortable mod:
-convenient carousel of tanks with a variety of filters
-the dynamic data of tanks in the hangar
-convenient sight from Amway921
-Ability to turn off some effects to increase the FPS
-and many other interesting and useful mods.

Follow the instructions of the installer, selecting the appropriate mode.
Start the game as usual.

ModPack from Amway (45.5 Mb)

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