Modpack from AnTiNooB World of Tanks 0.9.16

Hi, tankers!
We present you excellent modpack from AnTiNooB with lots of useful mods

There are 33 very «strong», informative mods included in ModPak from AnTiNooB. Assembling mods is divided into three parts. First wrapped in a user-friendly installer, the second is in archive and the third was created from audio files replaced thats why it is very big.

The list of mods that you can find by downloading the installer:
— Minimalistic sight
— Art sights sword of Damocles
— Removed the darkness in the sniper scope
— Detailed statistics after the fight
— The maximum visibility
— Remote Camera
— Display of the total strength of both teams
— Tanks in 2 rows
— Info card (regular and detailed)
— The sound of a fire
— Battle convenient interface (panel damage, showing a tank and some shell struck vac, etc.)
— Showing the damage to the enemy
— Display of the remaining x opponents (which, even not light) by pressing alt
— Display of number of enemies who captures database
— The signature of the tanks on the minimap
— Radius glare of your tank on the map
— Detailed description of the skills and abilities, as well as achievements.
— Calculator armor
— Sauron is watching you! (light shows guaranteed time out of the light)
— A more prominent indicator of the direction from which received damage.
— Sessional statistics
— Improved minimap
— Improved zoom in snaypersokm sight (up to x16)
— Gold Award tanks in the hangar
— Display server ping in the login and hangar
— The clock in the hangar
— Slightly improved panel shells
— XVM Light

WARNING!!! Before you install the MoD Pack, clean the folder res_mods!

Modpack from AnTiNooB (90 MB)

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