[0.9.8] Kodos mod pack

Mod List:
Game Mods:
— Contour Icon Mod
— MiniMap Mod, tank names; view range
— Crosshair with reload timer (
— Kodos Hitlog (xvm)
— OTM with turret marker, fly away damage (xvm)
— Advanced Base Capture bar (xvm)
— accurate Damage Indicator
— Damage Panel with repair timer; fire message (from Dellux)
— Colored Damage Sticker
— Zoom & No Scroll Mod
— old Serverside Crosshair
Garage Mods:
— compact horizontal TechTree (by myself)
— Premium Hangar without Premium account
— Statistic Mod (from lolcastan, modified by myself)
— Load whole Crew to an empty tank (xvm)

Res_mods folder placed in the root of the game

Kodos mod pack (13 Mb)
kodos-modpack-HUD-0.9.8-V-1.0 (13 MB)

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