[] seba86mu ModPack v1b + XVM Instalator

Today we present modpack which is composed of the maximum number mods but the most useful. Autor of mod is seba86mu. Modpack on En/Pl language. There are:

– XVM 6.8.0

– Accurate Damage Indicator

– Battle Assistant


–  DamageLog by GambitER

– Gold Premium Tanks by Aslain

– J1mB0s Crosshair Mod

– Paintball Mod

– Riskynet Contour Icons 
– Safe Shot
– SixthSense (z dźwiękiem)


– and many others

Statystyki-580x391 Riskynet-580x306 Paintball-580x424 Farplane-580x180 Celownik-580x435 Karuzela-580x249 Damage BA-580x389 ATAC-580x347 Accurate


seba86muModPack0.9.19.1.zip (11 MB)

seba86muModPack0.9.19.1v2.exe (17 MB)


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