Modpak from NooBooL for 0.9.15

Presenting your attention modpak from NooBooL updated 0.9.15
This modpak designed for your comfort in the battle. Mods presented here will help make your battle easier. This modpak does not have beautiful design or interface fighting its main purpose help you to see and understand.

If you have a weak computer swing mod from NooBooL without XVM. The author does not support XVM its assembly is far less sadit FPS. He replaced it with other mods.
The list of mods included in modpack:
critical angles interference (for ART-ACS)
Light Bulbs (6 feeling) associated with the mod XVM!!!
increase visibility («kills» the fog)
Icon tanks
epaulettes tankers (hangar)
removing blackout in sniper mode
panel damage
Premium hangar
radial menu messages
display Drum
hours (in combat)
clock and calculator (hangar)
statistics per session
panel shells
remove the intro-video
text messages after the fight
detailed description of the skills and abilities of tankers
sight with the timer charge (for ART ACS + time of flight of the projectile)
automatically folding «ears»
Kill the log (on the mini-map)
landing in a tank crew (the entire crew in one click)
compact tree tanks
panel FPS / ping / lag
Platoon window
automatic shooting
«Carousel» of tanks

To install this mod and copy the folder res_mods res from the archive in the folder: / World_of_Tanks /.

Modpak from NooBooL (12 MB)

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