MoDPacK from Ekspoint for WOT 0.9.15

Updated 19/10/2015
Update # 8
Hi guys! I would to introduce youMoDPacK from Ekspoint for WOT 0.9.12. it is a large variety of modifications. MoDPacK from Ekspoint for WOT 0.9.12 includes virtually all modifications. So you will easily find something here of their choice.

Update # 8
Updated Xvm mod to version 6.1.5
Updated mods Timer information tools
Updated Dashboard mod
Added modes Auto focus target
Added events Changing the free experience
The Tweaker added Disabling boot logos clans
The Tweaker adds configure load balancing processor cores
Removed mode headlights. On / Off on [F2]
Fixed a bug with keyboard

In MoDPacK by Ekspoint you will expect more than 100 versions with a wide choice of configurations for you. The installer is decorated in a beautiful form with musical accompaniment. Perform the pumping of the mod and enjoy the game.

Run the installer and follow the instructions.

MoDPacK from Ekspoint (150 Mb)

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