Modpack by webium v0 for WOT

Update — 09.05.2018
Update to ver.-
We represent your attention a single assembly that has collected in itself is really only useful mods for World of Tanks for

The list of mods is simply huge, they are all very helpful and this game, which we know it is no longer possible without them.
All mode checked for serviceability, so that will not lag!
Author: webium
Available languages: CZ, DE, EN, ES, FR, IT, NL, PL, RO

 Updated XVM 6.8.1
 Updated Old Minimaps (DL)
 Updated Gun Constraints (settings in game)
 Updated HangMan

!!! New option in installer!!!
* Delete Preferences — delete all game settings and caches
* You must set your game preferences from scratch and activate XVm again
* Recommended use only in case of game crashes, freezes, etc.
^ Updated XVM 6.8.1
+ Allied Outlines
+ Radial Menu
^ Updated KobkaG DP
^ Updated AutoAim Indicator+ snapping
^ Updated Zayaz DP
— Removed Shtys DP
^ Updated PMod 18-1
^ Updated Reload Marker
# fixed installer with not remember previous settings
~ Changed Damage Panels section in installer.
* GambitER Damage Log will be installed automatically with Zayaz and KobkaG
~ Changed Team HP Pool Bar back to locastan’s

Download and run modpack. Follow the installation instructions!


modpack by webium  v (99 MB)

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