Minimal ModPack by p0st v1 [0.9.18]

Hi, everyone!
We are glad to introduce you with interesting and popular Minimal ModPack by p0st [0.9.18]

Upd: 27.04.2017
Upd: [0.9.18]


–  First release for 9.18 all mods are included!

–  Fixed damage log which did not include nodmg/bounces/crits in v1

– Updated Contour Icons (some tanks changed internal names + supertest tanks)

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This modPack from the official game forum. The author is “p0st”. This modpack includes such mods as XVM 6.5.5,
Safeshot Mod,Locastan Messenger Mod, J1mb0′s Crosshair Mod,Locastan’s HD Minimap,Jackhammer Contour Mod,Subtle ‘Damage Indicator’ with timer,zoom: Sniper 16x + Zoomout Mod + Sniper Borders removed,Multi-lined Tank Carousel
HD Icons for: Shells, Consumables & Modules,Train Carriage model with better visibility.


p0st_m0ds_9-18_v1 (59 MB)

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