Minimal ModPack by p0st v1 []

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We are glad to introduce you with interesting and popular Minimal ModPack by p0st []

Upd: 17.07.2017
Upd: []


–  First release for 9.19.1 all mods are included!

–  Fixed damage log which did not include nodmg/bounces/crits in v1

– Updated Contour Icons (some tanks changed internal names + supertest tanks)

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    This modPack from the official game forum. The author is “p0st”. This modpack includes such mods as
  • XVM 6.5.5,
  • Safeshot Mod,Locastan
  • Locastan Messenger Mod, J1mb0′s Crosshair
  • J1mb0′s Crosshair Mod,Locastan’s
  • Locastan’s HD Minimap,Jackhammer
  • Jackhammer Contour Mod
  • Subtle ‘Damage Indicator’ with timer,
  • zoom: Sniper 16x + Zoomout Mod + Sniper Borders removed,
  • Multi-lined Tank Carousel
    HD Icons for: Shells, Consumables & Modules,
  • Train Carriage model with better visibility.


p0st_m0ds_9-19.1 (59 MB)

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