[0.9.17] ModPack by DjVirusPL v0

Updated — 12.12.2016
Updated to ver.- 0
Hi, everyone!
I am glad to introduce you one more modpack. It is called ModPack by DjVirusPL. This mod was developed in Poland and now it is very popular there.

This ModPak has several versions and each of them has an advantage. ModPack by DjVirusPL v.1 is very functional and useful. The author uses popular sight( Jimbo), Minimaps HD, mods,angle indicator and many others interesting.

What is unique about this mod?
— Mod contains a convenient installer and uninstaller.
— The modpack is regularly updated when a new mod or a new version of the game is coming.
— By installing the mod will be easy.
— Additionally, it contains a program to manage mod JSGME that:
1.Allows you to choose which mod you want to install and which do not (well, not everyone prefers the same)
2.At any time, disable and enable each mod.
3.Adds to pack your mod and mod from the network.

How to install:

— Install a package to the root directory of the game.
— When you first start JSGME do not change the default directory name MODS!
— Use the application to select mod JSGME you want to install.


9.17 will be soon

ModPack by DjVirusPL LITE (89 MB)

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