New Anime and Vocaloid MEGApack

Hi, there!
Here is a new and interesting MEGA pack for you.
Updated 13.06.2017

This assembly is an interesting and functional because it includes a lot of useful and popular mods.
Such as:
1. installer with options selection and preview pictures;

2. 2 exclusive mods by Ikaros50rus: Anime icons crews of all nations. Big and small;

3. 40 loading screens with a beautiful Hatsune Miku;

4. Camouflage disabling with a choice for the nations;

5. Disabling emblems and inscriptions;

6. Disable booting logos of clans on tanks. Can help with friezes and hangs up of WoT;
7. About 100 models of textures.

8. And many others.

This modpack translated into 2 languages: Eng. and Rus.

Installation instructions

Follow the Installation instructions

Anime and Vocaloid MEGApack (1500 MB)

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