Rabbit Damage Panel 9.19.1


Updated — 14.07.2017
Author: Dellux.
Panel damage is compatible with WoT
Also in the panel used a variety of the work of other authors for what I express gratitude to them: coldrabbit (basic texture panel), marsoff (icons and fire crew), 7serafim7 (animation of fire), zayaz (connection config), HellCatShi (vector image tank indicator).

— Two types of fire icons (animation in the form of a flame and static icon) selectable in the config
— History of the damage to the setting of the display format (hit points, percentages)
— A pop-up message about the last of the damage taken to the setting of the display format (hit points, percentages)
— Customizable pop-up message about the fire and the fire icon
— Config file (SDPSetting.xml) to adjust the font, size, origin, color, transparency, drop shadows, and other settings panel.
— Replaced icons modules and crew
— Timer repair modules
— The sound of the fire alarm


Download Rabbit Damage Panel
The resulting files are moved to a folder with the game;


Rabbit Damage Panel (300 Kb)

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