New line of sight Animated-6 for WOT

Updated 21/07/2017:

updated scripts;
Fixed setting sight in the game;
At our site you may have a deal with Animated-3.

It is very popular and a lot of tankers use them from the patch to patch. They are very comfortable to play with them. And finally fans of this series wait for the new line of sight Animated-6 for WOT
The sight as always has a lot of information:
— The tank vision range goals
— The tilt angle your gun
— The output reports that if your sight is pointed at the enemy or ally
And already the standard data, such as:
distance to the target
the flight time of the projectile
light armor-penetration with the display angle shell hit
zoom indicator
target recharge time


Copy the folder gui and scripts in WOT / res_mods /


Animated 6  (1.2 mb)

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