Contrasting sights from BadBoy78 for WOT

Meet with colorful and informative scope from BadBoy78 for WOT

The sight from BadBoy78 for WOT — is a contrast, informative and colorful sight for artillery. Due to its colors: red, blue and yellow, the sight will always be visible on the various maps. Also especially of sight is its functionality. Author, BadBoy78, put such important indicators as:
— Distance to target
— Display shells in the drum
— Zoom ratio
— Indicator of enemy hit zone
— the strength and recharge indicators are handed down
— Contrasting of colors
But for minimalism lovers we present to you the sight of the same author, but radically opposed to this.



Set fonts.
Copy the folders gui and scripts in WOT / res_mods / /, confirming a replacement.
Sights from BadBoy78 for WOT (700 KB)

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