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Wot Fan Modpack v4 []

Hi,friends! I would like to introduce you an unique assembly of the mods Wot Fan Updated 21.07.2017 Updated to version 4 Wot Fan Mods — a popular assembly of all your favorite mods. The assembly includes a plurality of sights,sounds hangars, and other useful mods. And also a few …

Hangar “Victory Day” for WoT

Here is celebratory new hangar «Victory Day» for WoT «Victory Day» for WoT is a new hangar from series of holidays. The Authors of the mod are WG + ProTanki, that is why the hangar to get high quality. Hangar «Victory Day», unlike many others holiday hangars really …

Hangar with airplanes for WOT

After release patch all hangars broken and able only those which were adapted the developers. Update the others under the current update is not yet possible. So beautiful hangars have very diminished now and every new hangar is important for us. And recently, in Internet have been found hangar for …

Mod clock in hangar for WOT 0.9.19

Upon request many tankers we present mod clock in hangar. Mod with lots of benefits and advantages. Firstly clock that can be placed anywhere in the hangar. They will help you watch time of game. Secondly built-in calculator. This function allows tankman calculate their income, expenses, or the necessary experience.