[] The technology factory hangar for WOT

Here is a new hangar from Wargaming. This time WG decided to make the process hangar at the factory  of tank, which is suitable for WOT After installation your tank moves to center of assembly tanks. It will on a separate platform, because it is already assembled and ready for battle. Neighboring  will be disassembled same tanks.

In the hangar added own sounds:

flowing waterfall
banging hammers
work tools
welding sounds
Hangar is stylish and modern. Now  hangar will appear a completely new color scheme, which is not similar to the previous. It does not make hangar not like the old versions. An excellent replacement for the standard version if you have time to get bored.

As a complement to the technological hangar are nations flags in five versions but USA, Germany, flags of the world, the USSR, flags of the German Empire – do not work

image-4 image-3 image-2


Copy the contents of the archive in the WOT / res_mods / /, confirming the replacement.


The technology factory hangar (45 MB)

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