[9.18] Mod 6th senses in the form of Simon cat WOT

Today surprise or even interest player lamp sixth sense is not so simple. A variety of images: funny, scary, stylish and thematic. But all of this is no longer relevant. Pop-up picture – is past, today has becoming popular animated images. Images that appear after your glare, and their movements inform the players about the danger.
In this mod will pop up the Simon cat , frightened and then go back into the bushes. If you are engaged in battle, you can skip the image of the sixth sense, but skip the animation 6th senses you can not. Author of mod are: Ekspoint and ShadowHunterRUS

1426087155_untitled-1 1426087184_shot_001 1426087184_shot_002


Mod 6th senses   (1.3 MB)

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