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The Forbidden mod TUNDRA for WOT

Updated — 21.12.2016 This mod give a player a significant advantage in the game but is classified as forbidden. Mod TUNDRA removes all the leaves of the trees thus making it easier to aim. When you activate this mod it does all the vegetation on the map transparent and this …


[9.16] Cheat mod for WOT

This mod replaces all the objects on the map on transparent so aiming for the player has become more convenient and comfortable. This mod refers to the category Prohibition mods for user of which can receive a ban from WG. The responsibility for the decision to use this mod rests …


Cheat sight autoaim by Makct

Here is multifunctional and easy autoaim by Makct for WOT 9.14 This mod is classified as prohibited because of its advantages in battle. Due to this fact for mod uses you can get ban from the WG. The sight autoaim by Makct has a great selection of features and benefits …