Cheat sight autoaim by Makct

Here is multifunctional and easy autoaim by Makct for WOT 9.18

This mod is classified as prohibited because of its advantages in battle. Due to this fact for mod uses you can get ban from the WG.

The sight autoaim by Makct has a great selection of features and benefits including sights selections:

— One of the features is in fact that now you can grab an aim even if it is invisible or hidden behind some sort of object or shelter. When your opponent moves aim to tim is harder because you need not only to shoot at him but shoot for preemption. This mod has an automatic preemption thus greatly ease your life.

— Also there is a choice of aiming points, for example, the housing and the tower. In addition, if any part of the tank is not available the intuitive system in the mod present, capable to find the right point to aiming for itself.

— Option to set the speed of the enemy tank and put on speed limit player at which mod will be switched off.

Copy the directory from the downloaded folder in mod World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ 0.9.18.

Cheat sight autoaim by Makct (800 KB)

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