[0.9.18] Mod “Improved aiming” for WOT

Dear players! Here is the mod that can improve your aim during the fight and will make every your shot is the most effective so you can get maximum enjoyment from the game.
As you know each tank has its own characteristics during the battle, its advantages and disadvantages. I am sure you know some tanks that are not notable for their marksmanship and it is so disappointing and annoying. Mod «Improved aiming» will help to remove this defect. If you installing this mod you can shoot at moving tanks with feedforward and also for enemies that were missing from the spot on the sky background or hil.

There are moments when we aiming on the sky background and we do not get a clear shot it is just dissipated so to avoid this problem you need this mod.

Modification has the additional features:
— Gives information about the equipment type and its current speed (it will be useful for you when aiming at the pre-emption)
— Rangefinder display function, tools information,time,projectile flight and the output variation
— Also you have the ability to use SafeShot (mod able to save you from unnecessary shots over the corpses of tanks;
— Fixing the tank height
There are few hot keys from the author:
LCTR (the left CTRL) + H — enable capture height of the tank (only included in the arty radar);
LCTRL + A — including information with the time information, the projectile flight, etc. (To be included for each mode separately sight, that is, you can enable the display of this information only in arty or sniper sight, as you wish)


Folders scripts and gui in WOT / res_mods / 0.9.18/

Improved aiming  (100 KB)

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