Show Vehicle. Unique mod for WOT 9.17.1

We are pleased to introduce you a unique and very special mod for WOT 9.17.1 ShowVehicle. This is unique because it will be able to show you models of tanks which are not in the hangar.

Show Vehicle is a mod that differs from other mods. If the main aim of all mods is help player and give him all kinds of information in combat such as: useful sights, interesting lights sixth sense, smart map, training mods, useful damage panel, all of this is useful for combat and strategy, the essence of ShowVehicle another.



The main task of this mod — is to give player the opportunity to get acquainted with the models of tanks, which are not in the hangar. So, you can learn more about tanks, which are only in the category tree research. Yes, yes, you do not need to buy a tank, wasting your experience to get acquainted with new models. Now the opportunity to get acquainted with the new tank is available to you with the help of ShowVehicle mod. There is not analogues of mod, it is unique.

You will be able only see and download a new tank into your hangar (as if it is your own) but to play it, you can not!
To view the tank you need:
1. Go to the tree research
2. Then simply pick the tank you are interested in and click on the icon
3. In the window that appears, select «Go to the vehicle in the hangar»


ShowVehiclee  (49 KB)

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