Mod “Navigator” for World of Tanks

Finally, a new mod “Navigator” was released for World of Tanks It displays the correct routes for arrivals on a variety of plantings and mountains, which greatly simplifies their use. Mod allows the player to climb to secret positions for effective fire by means of bright trajectories on all the maps of the game. All races are divided into 3 difficulty levels:

Green – light races, can be used even on hard tank;
Yellow – arrivals are more complicated, not suitable for all classes of equipment;
Red – difficult arrivals, they are suitable only for LT and in some of them the help of allies will be needed.
All of them are displayed on the map landscape in combat, mini-map and in the training room. If you see a gear on the terrain, then you will need to go there in front or back, if the circle and the number in it – you will need the help of the allies in the number indicated in the circle itself.

In general, Mod “Navigator” for WOT is paid (the price is 5$), but the vaunted defense of the author could not stand it and we have his free version, which can be downloaded below. It is no different from its paid option. The author has worked on the glory and now 60 races on 10 maps are available in mod, in the future it is planned to add new races and update the mod for future patches and changes on the maps.

Mod is legal.


Mod “Navigator” (67 MB)

from Protanki ver (2 MB)

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