Set of information for the sight World of Tanks 0.9.18

The composition of any sight includes such a component as a reduction. Reduction – an element that will exhibit and inform the tanker about stage of readiness sight. Everybody knows if the information does not come together (a wide range of mixing) the shot will be useless. For effective shot  you need to circle the information was as small as possible. Only then your projectile will not fly away but inflict damage on the enemy.
As you can see the reduction is very important for a successful shot. We offer a set of 7 different variants of information to choose from. Here you will find a round, oval, polygonal and others information options. Whatever the reduction was comfortable and always visible to you, you can choose: any thickness and size reduction, continuous or broken line or dotted all. Generally any option that would be most convenient to apply was the damage on the enemy.

1472306798_convergencemarsoff 1472306733_convergenceoctagon 1472306754_convergenceqwe1 1472306762_convergenceqwe12 1472306783_convergenceqwe13 1472306725_convergenceqwe14


Set of information (3 MB)

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