Mod calculator of tank armor for WOT 0.9.17

We offer one of the best mods for calculating of booking tanks.

One of the most useful and functional calculators of armor include in part of mod P-mod. But to use a modification, you need to download and install many additional modifications and it is not very convenient. Therefore modders Poliroid and Ekspoint decided to change this situation. So now you can separately download and install only one calculator of armor.

What is the utility of the modification? As you know all tanks, starting from 5 level, has a different degrees of booking with strong and weak penetration. If player exactly knows the weak place of tank his shot will be devastating. For such purposes modders invented mod with hit zones , but unfortunately they do not look aesthetically and natural in battle. Therefore, the armor mod calculator was developed. If you set thid mod, your sight will be to calculate the thickness of armor, projectile angle entry  in this place, and with the help of green light reflect the vulnerability of the enemy armor.

Mod has a convenient configuration file where you can customize many settings for youself.

shot_209 shot_208 shot_207 shot_206


Mod calculator of tank arm  (100 KB)

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