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Forbidden automatic crosshair Sae for WOT [9.19]

Here is one of the most popular and useful cheat mods for tankers. Cheat mods are illegal and prohibited by developers so for their use can be punished in the form of a ban or account suspension. All material is embedded in the article for review. The responsibility for the …

[0.9.19] Mod color hit for WOT

We introduce you mod with the help of which you will visually see where you hit enemy. There are large selection of hits stickers. Now you do not need to guess or to search a long time for a place in which you hit your enemy or the damage caused to you. With Mod …

Mod clock in hangar for WOT 0.9.19

Upon request many tankers we present mod clock in hangar. Mod with lots of benefits and advantages. Firstly clock that can be placed anywhere in the hangar. They will help you watch time of game. Secondly built-in calculator. This function allows tankman calculate their income, expenses, or the necessary experience.