Minimalistic damage panel Mini Steel for WOT

Convenient and useful damage panel witch called Mini Steel for WOT The main task this damage panel is to inform player about his machine. To inform quickly and correctly. All relevant information should be displayed on the screen in such a way that would not interfere with tanker to fight. If the data is too much or it will occupy a large part of the monitor, then the player can not aim well and accordingly to make the right shot.

Today we want to present to damage panel, which corresponds all this factors. Mini Steel Panel for damage WOT After processing the standard version of damage panel was removed the central icon about armor so all the others icons have been increased. There was a bar with a graphical view of the tanks pictures in HD. Author of mod is player Andre_V.

1479886253_shot_001 1479886249_shot_002 1479886231_shot_005 1479886252_shot_007 1479886271_shot_003


Mini Steel  (2 MB)

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