Mod damage indicator from dikey93 for WOT (2 versions)

Graphic indicator that shows which side enemy opened fire. Also displays the type of armored vehicles to shoot you. And, of course, how many units of life knocked out an opponent. Very useful sensor is a timer that shows how much time has passed since the hit. In the first 3-5 seconds, you can safely go to the enemy and to take revenge

But it is better to know exactly recharge each gun to play it safe.
The image changes color, depending on the degree of damage. Gray –  ricocheted or could not penetrate the armor, yellow – one of the modules has been damaged, which reduced its specifications, and red – damage.

1476635959_shot_003 1476635931_shot_004 1476635975_shot_021 1476635984_shot_029


damage indicator from dikey93 (600 KB)

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