Supertest for patch 0.9.16

At the end of this week was came supertest for update 9.16 – it means only one thing, after 1-2 weeks will release version 9.16. What we can expect in this new version?

– The first Swedish tank Strv m / 42-57 Alt A.2
– Improvements received map “Paris”, which had previously been taken out of the game
– No more chat in battle will only on trainings
– Processing of a large number of tanks in HD
– Added the function to return the loving tank without going to Wargaming
– Built a few mods to the game client
– Implemented the ability to view and compare the several tanks directly into the Hangar
– Changed the carousel tanks in two rows
– Add several battle indicators
– Add 14 new minemaps
– A lot of numerical changes with sounds: 8-10 levels will be heard 5 different calibers, a new sound of drum instruments, new sounds of the damage, the new sounds of a broken engine, each module, new audio phrase at the end of the battle, and many more interesting things.

Swedish tank


The crew



14 13 11 15

Compare tanks in the hangar



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