[0.9.13] Server sight +4 Zoom Cameras

I am sure that we all remember times when using some key combinations you have the opportunity to use the standard crosshair and a special server, which was more accurate in combat. Now unfortunately, this feature is not available for use the players but if you setting this mod you’ll have such opportunity.
Today we present a useful, functional but had long been available opportunity use more accurate sight: server sight. The difference between the ordinary and the server sight is not so big in visual but so big in battle. Many players could not use server sight in battle so long time but with a lot of effort modders revived this opportunity. All you need is just to download this mod.
In addition, we offer 4 different Zoom mods:
— ZoomMod- commander camera is necessary for players to control the space
— ZoomX — this sniper mode selector increases the number of approximations to 10 times
— ZoomIndicator — an indicator of the degree of magnification in sniper mode
— NoScroll — is off regime change «scroll». You will interfere with the increase / decrease the distance of the camera by only key LShift

The configuration file gui / ServerCross2.xml
Configuration file gui / ZoomX.xml etc.

ServerCross2 (160 KB)
All Zoom cameras without ServerCross2 (420 KB)
NoScroll (260 KB)
ZoomIndicator (180 KB)
Zoom (270 KB)
ZoomX (180 KB)

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