Mod “Wide border of maps” World of Tanks 0.9.17

Adding to the ranks of the mods for minimaps.

With each new update increases the quality and imagination of modders. As you know the purpose of mod is to be useful and functional in the battle. So today we bring you a new and useful mod. Mod «Wide border of maps» World of Tanks 0.9.17

The minimap is an integral part of the attribute for each player. In each update there is a new map, so learn it does not make sense. But there are some situations in the battle when you can lost in the battle and realize that you are far from the center of the battle, you are near the border of the map,for such situations you need mod «Wide border of maps». This mod will always help you to see the visual boundaries of the map, because they are inscribed in fat, bright pink line. It is impossible not to notice.

Download this mod and you can fully concentrate on the game. The author of the mod is s player under the nickname aviva24.


Maps from the archive folders, set a folder: World_of_Tanks / res_mods / 0.9.17/.


Mod «Wide border of maps» (64 MB)

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