Mod voice recharging for WoT 0.9.17

Here is a convenient voice mod of gun recharging which can be combined with all the mods and voices.

Authors of mod are popular players and modders Ekspoint and Andre_V. The main function of mod is to inform the player about the readiness to fire. Now about the end of charge and ready to fire, you will know not only from the bright red markers or animation effects that are present in all the assemblies and modpacks. Now the end of the recharge, you will hear. This modification is a voice and each time as your weapon is ready you will hear “Ready!” and the shutter sound.

Voice from mod is taken from the Modern War Sound. There are 3 variants of modification in archive:
– signal
– Signal + shutter sound
– Only the shutter sound

Mod is reworked on the script and  now is compatible with all the voice acting and other sound mods and modpacks. With this mod, you can improve your favorite assembly or modpack

Copy the selected option in the folder in the WOT / res_mods / 0.9.17 /


Mod voice recharging (3 MB)

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