[0.9.15] Mod “The marks on the guns”

Mod «The marks on the guns» will allow you to learn more about your enemy or ally in the battle.

Do you want to know the military successes of your allies? Then use mod «marks on the guns.» This mod with the help of marks will show the combat damage that caused your ally. Knowing this information, you can easily make the strongest clan, or simply you will know who is the best player in the team. Also you will see the fighting skills of the enemy. Mod convenient, helpful, bright mark, their perfectly visible on the guns.
The colors are arranged on a principle of «XVM»
1 mark — Green
2 mark — blue
3 marks — Purple
In hangar mod will not work immediately after the installation, but only after the first fight.


Copy the folders gui in WOT / res_mods / 0.9.15 /.

Mod “The marks on the guns” (300 KB)

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