Mod large mini-map on the basis of XVM for WOT

Modification large mini-map on the basis of XVM for WOT will be primarily useful to commanders, whose connections are difficult battle with a serious opponent. Immediately it should be noted that mod will not function without the other. Talking about the presence of a powerful gaming PC – it is not necessary. But all this will be compensated with a vengeance during the battle. Pressing a “hot” key, the team received an overall picture of what is happening.
First, map will be much larger and will unfold almost the entire center of the monitor screen.
Second, they are labeled icons all participants confrontation. Moreover, for each type of technology will have its symbols that are easy to understand.

Third will awarded a place where the last time was seen one or other armored vehicles of the enemy team.


Mod large mini-map  (7 MB)

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