Smart minimap with tanks names displaying WoT

We present you Smart minimap with displaying the tanks names WoT

The minimap is an integral part of the game and is in great demand, thats why developers are always trying to surprise us.
But as you already know, not all computers can afford to use good-quality picture (because they may lose their FPS). That’s why has been created Smart minimap with displaying the tanks names WoT The mod author is a locastan + ShuraBB. The Current version is 1.
Smart mini-map is a regular map but with significant additions such as:
— Following the review
— Square draw
— Increased tanks icon TT 10
— Flexible adjustment of output information and others.
If you are not afraid of losing your FPS, you can take advantage of our new HD maps for World of Tanks


Copy the folders res_mods in the game folder!

All settings mini-maps are stored in the file hdminimap.xml (located in World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ configs \ hdminimap \).

How to remove the increase in mini-map by pressing CTRL?

Default by pressing CTRL card pops up on the screen. If you do not need to open the file World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ configs \ hdminimap \ hdminimap.xml, find the line KEY_LCONTROL KEY_LCONTROL and change any other key, the list is available at the bottom of a text document.


minimap-hd (31 MB)

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