Quick repairs and the crew treated []

How quickly you will be able to repair damaged modules or to treat the injured crew member or the quickly extinguish the fire depends battle. If you do not make it in time, your tank can be destroyed, and your team will have to play without your super skill. But to do it quickly  have not a time especially during real battle. Agree, it would be very convenient to treat the crew, to fix the modules, to extinguish the fire only a single button.

With this mod dreams come true. And now the situation when you have damaged several modules and you need to fix the most important of them, but simply do not have time to choose the right, can be solved.

This mod implements the following functionality:

treatment / repair based on your customized priorities
create rules for each type of equipment separately
a unique key to repair, treatment, fire-fighting – Space (key can be changed)
quick repair knocked caterpillar – Left_Alt (Left ALT), only works when the caterpillar knocked down (you can override the settings)


Copy res_mods folder in the game folder.


Quick repairs and the crew treated  (100 KB)

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