Focus marker “attack” for World of Tanks WOT (7 options)

Modification improved visibility focus for World of tanks replaces the standard icon that appears when someone asks for fire support on more vivid and visible image. This change will significantly help you at situations when there is a lot of tanks and you need to find out who put the focus on you.

Especially this modification is useful at the clan fighting, but in random battles it will come in handy. After focusing competent enemy combat vehicles – is the main way to the final success.
In archive there is a choice of 6 different focus marker options. In addition, there are options for using XVM players and for those who do not use it.

Copy file battleVehicleMarkers.swf with your chosen color to the folder
World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ 0.9.x \ gui \ flash \


Focus marker “attack” (129 MB)

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