Juhaas’s Essentials Mod Pack for WOT 9.15

Today we present the assembly from one player who did it for himself but decided share with us. The assembly is compact and is available only the necessary mods.

The list of mods included in the assembly:
— AutoAim Indication+Snapping
— J1mB0’s Contour Icons
— Armagomen’s Team HP Pools Bar
— Spencer’s Terrorist Crew Voices
— GambitER Damage Panel
— XVM w/ custom configuration profile
— YasenKrasen Statistics
— Colored In-Game Messages
— Alternate Critical Damage Alerts for Ammo Rack, Fire, Map Ping & Alert Msgs
— Morgan Freeman 6th Sense alert
— Colorblind profiles for XVM and Damage Panel

914 9.13

Juhaas’s Essentials Mod Pack (300 KB)
9.15 will be soon

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