[] Jimbo Sight Mod Pack

Modpack has such mods:

  • Xvm Config file
  • WoT LaBs XvM color scheme
  • Hit Log
  • Hybrid Mini map (XvM & WoT Features-enable in wot settings)
  • Damage panel with Dmg Log
  • Zoom In/Out
  • Battle Assistant (J Key
  • No scope shadow
  • No camera recoil
  • Auto Aim + (with snapping)
  • Pmod Extra Session Stats
  • YasenKrasen Session Stats
  • Accurate Damage Direction Indicator
  • Damage Stickers
  • Damaged White Tracks
  • Team Hp Pool Bar
  • Gun Traverse Indicator untested
  • No Fog



historical-sights-mod-pack (16 MB)

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