[9.17.1] Helpics Modpack v2.1.1 for World of Tanks

One of the most popular prohibited modpack. All most useful and functional modifications are there. All very important cheat modifications you can be find in this modpack. This modpack can help you to win. There are such mods:

– Tundra

– Shadow tanks

– Reload enemy

–  mod Laser

–  XVM

– X-ray

–   Sixth Sense mod

– Carousel Rows 2

– sight from Jove

– Armour penetration

– Damage Log

–   P_MoD

– Battle Assistant

–   Zoom mod

– mod  “I am spotted”

– voice mod

– SafeShot

–  Minimap Tankview

– and more than 20 mods

1.7.9 tre (1) 1.7.9 tre 1.7.9 quattro


 We remind you! You can be punished for use of this modpack ( ban or account block)

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