Common test 9.17.1

Now you can download common test for update 9.17.1. In this test you will see:

– new German tanks

– changes with top Japanese tanks

–  new features premium technology

– updates with the fortified area

– much more

– HD-quality tanks: Part 1, Part 2

– The following models of tanks added to Supertest participants: STRV 81, Jagdtiger (H), T-44-85M, T-44-100M, Tiger II (H)

– Change parameters with military equipment

– Audio improvements
Completed the transition to the new version Wwise 2016.2.
Extended functionality and support for audio mods.

– Graphic changes and effects. Adapted visual quality mini-maps.
– Added the ability to compare the tanks taking into account the skills and abilities of the crew, the equipment installed and equipment selected ammunition and camouflage.
– A new way to connect game modes, in which the entire content of each mod is packed into a single file.


Common test (4 MB)

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