The direction of enemy guns on the minimap for WOT 0.9.19

Mod on the minimap will display the direction of the enemy’s guns.
Updated 30/05/2017

First we want to please you mod direction of enemy guns on the minimap – it’s not a cheat mod. Mod fully resolved and is not classified as prohibited, so you can use it without fear about ban or block account.


The operating principle of mod: on a mine map, but only in drawing square of your tank, you will see the direction your opponents guns. This information will save your life, because you’ll always know where it is better to hide because you have been expect and where  you can safely go.

The author of mod is player PyThOn_DeVeLoPeR. Mod adapted to version 9.19

Folder scripts put in WOT / res_mods / 0.9.19/


The direction of enemy guns (50 KB)

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