The damage mod at the top of the screen World of Tanks

Updated 12/06/2016:

XVM is updated to version 6.3.2;
removed departures client;

It was always interesting to know how much damage you nastrelyal directly in combat. The damage mod at the top of the screen World of Tanks shows the total amount of damage caused by you in battle.

Mod suitable for lovers of minimalism and first-class extras that need the most detailed log of damage. The archive mod is presented in 2 versions:

simple — one line in which the output sumarno number of the damage, as well as the amount of damage inflicted last shot
Advanced — a separate line for each shot, which indicates the amount of the damage and to whom it was applied

Copy the contents of the archive in: / WOT /.

How to install the counter on top of the damage already installed?
If you want to set yourself up only the configuration of the counter the damage to the already established copy the file \ res_mods \ configs \ xvm \ hitLog.xc from the archive in the WOT \ res_mods \ configs \ xvm \ [your config] \ hitLog.xc, confirming a replacement. Where is [your config] — the name of the author config (if the folder WOT \ res_mods \ configs \ xvm \ you do not have any more folder, then copy the file hitLog.xc right there).


The damage mod (22 MB)

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