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Sixth Sense Siren (voice) WOT 0.9.17

This mod is an effective that with it you will always know that you are in glare and you have a time to escape. Also you will know how long will light your tank. Mod representated in 4 versions, so it will not get tired quickly. Author of mod are Andre_V and  wow-clear.

[9.17] Mod “Enemy Fire”

There is an adding to the category sound. Mod — voice «Enemy Fire»” for World of Tanks. The name of this mod speaks for itself. If you installing this mod you will always be informed about the arson attack your opponent by you. Fun music, cool phrases, blazing tank of …

Wot Fan Modpack 9.16

Hi,friends! I would like to introduce you an unique assembly of the mods Wot Fan Updated 04.10.2016 Updated to 9.16 version 1 Wot Fan Mods — a popular assembly of all your favorite mods. The assembly includes a plurality of sights,sounds hangars, and other useful mods. And also a few …