Realisticm guns sounds World of Tanks

Realistic gun sound for World of Tanks – replaces the standard gun sound on new, more realistic sounds. During each shot, you will hear a powerful shot of your tank, from which the sound is heard over long distances. Watch the video!
Shots from the top guns on heavy tanks will hear a sound like a full tank exploded, as in reality.

Possible problems and their solutions:

Note! If you before / after installing the audio mod on the gun / engines have problems with sound (they do not hear or do not work), then you need to remove the audio folder from the directory “res mods / folder with the patch number.” This problem occurs if you put modpacks from others authors, in which there is a “bell crit” or other variations of voice.


Copy the folders audioww, gui, scripts from the archive in the WOT / res_mods / /, confirming the replacement.

IMPORTANT! After installation, when you start the game, be sure to agree on a client reboot.


Realisticm guns sounds  (108 MB)

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