Sights STING RETRO (arcade, sniper, art) WOT

We found a lot of new mods, which was not yet on our website. The first of these is the sights STING RETRO (arcade, sniper, art) WOT

Our site has been scope from this series  – STING Artillery sight from Dikey93. This sight immediately became popular because it provides a lot of useful information for players on the artillery.
In the archive you will find a whole range of sights in this series: arcade, sniper and artillery. Each of them will have three different display options, which can be switched in sight settings in combat changing lights on the diagonal, horizontal, radial.

The sight is striking in its simplicity. Data blue visible on any surface. There is a beautiful animation of the end of recharge as a semi transparent circle effluent from the information.


Copy the gui folder and scripts in: /WOT/res_mods/, confirming the replacement.


Sights STING RETRO (1.5 MB)

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