Mod “Efficiency calculator” for WOT

Do you want to monitor its effectiveness for the team during the battle? Then download and install this mod.

— Fixed calculation of the average damage (macro {AVGDAMAGE});
— Added macro {colorAVGDAMAGE} — for dynamic color changes;
— Added color setting for AVGDAMAGE in the colors section;
— Change font size;


Many players want to know results of their fight and compare their skills with the previous time. After all, how else can you test yourself? Only at the end of the fight in the results of the statistics for the session.

If you setting this mod you will not wait to the end of the fight, you can do it right in the fight. Mod «efficiency calculator» allows players to calculate their efficiency with help of special calculator right in the battle. Now you will be able to monitor your skills. Mod will display them in the form of the rating table.

There are several mod options in the archive:
1. Extended (will display your average damage + last, also the efficiency rating)
2. Minimalistic (show the damage caused by you only WN8, or the EFF (ER) or two rankings together)
3. Simple (show your damage + efficiency rating)
4. Calculator efficiency of the assembly ProTanki

Minus number (for example — 1550) shows the average damage to the server on your tank. This is one of the basic parameters of your calculation efficiency in the battle

1Copy folder system at WOT / res_mods / /.
2. Copy the scripts folder in the WOT / res_mods / /.
If you are not satisfied with the location mod on the screen, you can easily change it by using:
World_of_Tanks / res_mods / / scripts / client / mods / MultiHitLog / expD.json. It is necessary to change the values of x and y.


Mod «Efficiency calculator»  (8 MB)

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