Damage panel Techno for World of Tanks

Excellent panel of damages “Techno” for World of Tanks. Damage panel Techno differs from many existing panels with a beautiful design that fits perfectly into your interface, it will replace the standard panel in the game with a more improved version. Modules, as well as icons, the crews were not repainted, but the panel itself, the speedometer and the strength scale of your tank completely changed their design, which gave the panel its highlight.

The author finally managed to move standard log from WG, which was liked by very many players.
The panel is available in four versions:

  • Panel + Damage log from Maks5187.
  • Panel + Gamble damage log from GambitER.
  • Panel + Log damage from WG.
  • Panel + Log of damage from WG-XVM. (For players who have a XVM)


Damage panel Techno (7 MB)

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