The assembling of simplest hangars for World of Tanks

If you are a big fan of minimalism then this hangar assembly is for you.

The assembling of simplest hangars for World of Tanks is not just a hangar,it is assembly of hangars which includes 14 different species of hangars. Author is a Dumadidak.

Advantages of this hangar:
— Design of hangar fits all lovers of minimalism.
— Hangar is simple that why it does not bear the load on the processor and on your computer memory and it will not reduce the FPS.
— Finaly the assembly consists of 14 different hangars which are differ in design. And it will be very convenient for you to choose the right design just click of a button right in the hangar.

This assembly hangar is well suited for those who have a weak PC. Below is the screenshot you can see the hangars, which are well suited for those who has a weak PC.



Copy the contents of the archive in the WOT / res_mods / /.


Hangars (1 MB)

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